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California Homosexual Activists Rough Up Elderly Woman, Use N-Word Against Blacks, March Through Police Blockades, Pound on Doors of Businesses, and Protest Outside Churches

November 12, 2008

Homosexual activists in California have roughed up an elderly woman who
believes in traditional marriage. During protests over the past several
days, homosexuals angry about the passage of Proposition 8, which
reserves marriage licenses for a man and a woman, have hurled the
N-word against black persons walking by, marched through police
blockades, pounded on doors of businesses, and protested outside

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Not a Word on Obama at Trinity United Church of Christ on Sunday Before Election

November 4, 2008

A middle-aged woman rattles a spoon against the frets of a washboard and music comes out. A robed choir, some 150-strong, sings gospel, making a joyful sound. The congregation, on its feet, waves hands in the air in windshield wiper motions as if Windex-ing a glass pane.

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