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What Foreshadowed Our Economic Crisis

December 26, 2008

Roger Babson, famed statistician, said, “Every economic depression is foreshadowed by a religious decline.” 

Great is the need for an authoritative voice to point the way out of our moral and spiritual confusion in America–a voice totally dedicated to God and his imperishable Word.

Ahmadinejad says ‘Christ Would have Been on Our Side’

December 25, 2008

mahmoud-ahmadinejad.12.jpgMahmoud Ahmadinejad’s unexpected Christmas message is full of seasonal goodwill, but the Iranian President clearly believes that if Jesus Christ were alive today he would be on the side of Iran not the West.

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Our Biracial President: When the Starry Glow Around his Election Fades, Obama will Allow us to See Ourselves in Black and White by James Hannaham

November 10, 2008

barack-obama91.jpgVoters across the United States and citizens around the world are calling the election of Barack Obama a historic moment, and it is indeed groundbreaking in many important ways. We have elected a man unashamed of his African blood into the nation’s highest office. 

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