Dwayne Wade Gives Family New Home for Christmas

December 26, 2008

dewayne-wade-597.jpgWhen Dwyane Wade heard the plight of a South Florida woman whose nephew accidentally burned down her home — and ruined all the family’s possessions — the Miami Heat star knew he had to do something.

So he helped the family move into a new home, just in time for Christmas.
Wade presented Dawn Smith with the ultimate Christmas gift on Wednesday — the keys to a her new house, along with some furnishings, clothing and gifts to make sure her family has a joyous holiday, something that didn’t seem likely just a few weeks ago.
His Wade’s World foundation will make some payments on the home, while Smith and her family get back on their feet.
“That’s what I try to teach my kids,” said Wade, whose foundation has hosted several charity events this holiday season, mostly for needy children. “It’s not about what you’re going to receive — it’s what you can give to others from what you’ve received.”
Smith couldn’t hold back happy sobs when she saw the home for the first time.
“A big-time relief,” Smith said, clearly overcome by emotion. “Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Oh, God, thank you so much.”
The NBA’s leading scorer this season had a simple message: “Hopefully, you’ll like it.”
Wade’s other holiday events this year included a party for 350 children on Monday, and hosting 100 kids at Tuesday night’s Heat game against the Golden State Warriors. He also donated $10,000 to each of three children’s organizations, but said he was particularly touched by being able to assist the Smith family.
“We can help this family have a new beginning,” Wade said.
Source: CNN Sports Illustrated

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