Condoleezza Rice to Relocate Near Stanford University; To Write Two Books

December 23, 2008

condi-rice-566.jpgWith weeks to go before her job as secretary of state comes to an end, Condoleezza Rice said Monday she is looking for a new home near Stanford University in northern California, reports the AFP. 

“I have a place to live temporarily,” said Rice who will resume her academic career at Stanford after Barack Obama becomes the U.S. president on Jan. 20.      
“I have not really had time to look and so when I get out to California, I will start looking for a place to live,” she said. “But I know I will not live too far from where I work, because I am not a commuter by nature.”   
For eight years under President George W. Bush, first as national security adviser and then secretary of state, she lived at the Watergate complex in Washington, just a few hundred yards (meters) from her State Department office.      
Rice is due to take up her new post at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, a research center specializing in international relations. She was teaching at Stanford when the Bush administration brought her aboard in 2001.      
She also plans to write two books, one a tribute to her African American parents at the time of the racially-segregated south and the other on international affairs.      
“I will write a book on foreign policy as every secretary of state is obliged to do,” she said. But the second one might have to simmer for a while because it “has been such a turbulent time and such a consequential time that it may take a little reflection,” she added.      
“I want to write a book about my parents who were incredible people and emblematic really of a whole generation of black parents who just were not going to let their children be held hostages to segregation,” Rice said.       
“And so they just invested and invested and invested. And so I want to write about that,” said Rice, the only child of a couple from Alabama and the first African-American female secretary of state.
Source: EURWeb

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