Focus on the Family Turning Four Print Magazines Into Online Magazines

November 20, 2008

focus-on-the-family.JPGFocus on the Family will stop publishing four of its eight magazines, the ministry told Religion News Service. The ministry, founded by James Dobson, announced earlier this week that it will cut around 200 positions on it’s staff of about 1,150. 

Adelle M. Banks writes:

The print edition of “Plugged In,” an entertainment review guide for
parents, will continue through its online version, Schneeberger said.
Three other publications, Breakaway, Brio, and Brio and Beyond, which
were aimed at teenagers, will be revamped into online content.

“The content that was found in those publications will still be
available online, but it will be targeted not at teens but at parents,”
he said.

One of the four remaining magazines, Citizen, will be reduced from
12 issues to 10 issues a year. Earlier this fall, the ministry cut 46
other staff positions by outsourcing the department that filled orders
and distributed books.

Source: Christianity Today

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