We Thought You Might Like This: 5-Year-Old Female Basketball Prodigy (Video)

November 20, 2008

Today, I have to admit that I am ashamed of myself. I actually think that most of my peers should also feel ashamed and embarrassed as well. See, as a professional basketball player, you’d think that we would be the best at what we do. So when we see a YouTube clip of a CEO beating MJ at a one on one game, we flip out.

Well, I had that same flip-out feeling when Lou Richie, one of the guys I and other Cal hoop-stars (Leon Powe) train with in the offseason, sent me a video of one of his new up and coming stars. Lou trains many high school kids, so he’s always bringing the next bay area prodigy to Haas Pavilion to compete against us big boys and prove just how good his game really is.
The video that Lou sent me had one such prodigy. The kid was a little younger than his usual clientele. He wasn’t 16. He wasn’t 14. He wasn’t 12, or 10, or 8.
He was 5 years old.
And he was a she.
I watched a video of Milan Simon Tuttle, a 5-year-old girl, who can flat-out, hands-down dribble a basketball better than EVERY PLAYER ON MY TEAM. Check it out and see for yourself:
So, now that I have been schooled in the art of the two-and-three-ball dribble by a 5-year-old, I feel like I need to work on my D, because I don’t know when the next pre-school kid will come to the park, throw the rock in my face and say, “Let’s do this.”
Thanks for the shame, Lou.
Rod Benson is a Cal grad and former D-Leaguer who plays for SLUC Nancy, the reigning French league champion. When he’s not busy in Paris, he blogs one or two times a week on Ball Don’t Lie. Read his archive, pay a visit to TooMuchRodBenson.com and always support the Boom Tho movement.

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