Pastor Ed Young Wants Married Couples to have Sex Every Day for a Week

November 12, 2008

ed-young1.jpgGod may have rested on the seventh day, but the Rev. Ed Young wants married couples to have sex all week long. Once a day. Beginning this Sunday.

The call to action will headline his sermon that day at Grapevine-based Fellowship Church. He plans to deliver his challenge while sitting on a bed.
“I won’t be dressed in pajamas,” the pastor says.
In these days of financial crisis, rampant divorce and debates over same-sex marriage, it’s time, he says, to turn the “whining” into “whoopee.”
More fundamentally, he adds, the embracing of sex is about nurturing and strengthening marriages.
“Sex is like Super Glue. It’s a spiritual thing, an emotional thing,” he says.
And the marriage thing, he believes, should only involve a man and woman. God’s way, he says.
Jim Dale of Coppell said he figures the pastor is trying to create more buzz for his five-church mega-ministry.
“Draw ’em in, no matter what or how,” wrote the Coppell resident in a posting on dallasnews.com. “Sex? You betcha. That’ll pack the pews (or theater seats).”
Mr. Dale, author of a book about individual relationships with God, said he has attended Fellowship Church a few times. And he offered some praise: “I’ve got to hand it to them, they are brilliant marketers.”
Mr. Young says his challenge — following a seminar called “Leaving Lust Vegas” — isn’t about filling seats. “We’ve got more people than we can say grace over,” he says of his 20,000-worshipper Baptist ministry that video streams services from Grapevine to churches in downtown Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth and Miami.
Marketing is indeed at play, the pastor says. “It gets people thinking on a deeper level about sex. I want people talking about it,” he says.
But doing it?
“God says sex should be between a married man and a woman. And do it,” he says.
Whatever the motivation, the pastor’s rousing words aren’t unprecedented. A Florida church earlier this year issued a 30-day sex challenge.
Mr. Young said his words may well resonate more with the young and healthy. And at 47, he plans to practice what he’s preaching.
“We’re going to give it a try,” he says, speaking for Lisa, his wife of 26 years and mother of their four children.
As for others, “I can’t make them do it,” the pastor says.
But he’s hopeful. “I think people are going to have a Happy Thanksgiving.”
Source: Dallas Morning News

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