Obama Team Reviewing Virtually Every Agency

November 10, 2008

barack-obama-team-3.jpgPresident-elect Barack Obama is looking forward to Monday’s White House
transition talks with President Bush and is already examining ways to
make a quick impact upon taking office, top Obama aides said Sunday.

“I think it was very gracious of President Bush to invite him so
early — usually it happens a little later in the process,” Valerie
Jarrett, one of the transition team’s co-chairs, told reporters.

“I think because of the daunting challenges that are facing our
country, President Bush thought it was important to move forward

A prominent Democratic source close to Obama said
Jarrett is also Obama’s choice to be named to take over his seat in the
Senate, though Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich would have the final say
over a replacement.

And John Podesta, the other co-chair, said
the talks are likely to cover “a broad range of issues” — but the
slumping U.S. economy is expected to dominate the discussion.

told CNN’s “Late Edition” that Obama will push Congress to enact “at
least part” of an economic package before he takes office in January,
but said the problems Americans face need short-term and long-term

“It’s clear that we need to stabilize the economy,
to deal with the financial meltdown that’s now spreading across the
rest of the economy. The auto industry is really, really back on its
heels,” Podesta said.

And Obama’s designated White House chief
of staff, Rahm Emanuel, said the government needs to consider
“fast-forwarding” $25 billion in low-interest loans already approved by
Congress to help the Big Three U.S. automakers retool for more
efficient vehicles.

“They are an essential part of our economy and our industrial
base,” Emanuel told CBS’ “Face the Nation.” He added: “There are
existing authorities within the government today that the
administration should tap to help the auto industry.”

Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, both
Democrats, urged Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson over the weekend to
extend the $700 billion bailout of the financial industry to shore up
the ailing Ford, Chrysler and General Motors, which have been battered
by the credit crisis and poor sales of gas-guzzling sport utility
vehicles. But Treasury spokesperson Brookly McLaughlin said Sunday that
the department remains focused on the financial sector and restarting
stalled lending.

Podesta said Congress could extend unemployment
benefits for laid-off workers and provide assistance to states
grappling with increased Medicaid costs quickly. But he said efforts to
improve schools, expand health-care coverage and wean the nation’s
energy industry away from imported fuels “need to be tackled together.”

And he told “Fox News Sunday” that the incoming administration is
conducting an extensive review of Bush’s executive orders, looking for
quick changes that Obama can make from his first day in office.

“As a candidate, Senator Obama said that he wanted all the Bush
executive orders reviewed and decide which ones should be kept and
which ones should be repealed and which ones should be amended, and
that process is going on. It’s been undertaken,” Podesta said.

Podesta said Obama’s team will be “looking at — again, in virtually
every agency — to see where we can move forward, whether that’s on
energy transformation, on improving health care, on stem cell research.”

Podesta said there is a lot the president can do without waiting for
Congress, and voters can expect to see Obama do so to try to restore “a
sense that the country is working on behalf of the common good.”

Bush and Obama are set to meet Monday afternoon at the White House’s Oval Office.

“I’m sure they’ll be open and frank, as I’m sure they’ve always been
able to talk to one another,” Jarrett said. “So I think it’s a good
sign for this country that they’re having this meeting when they’re
having it, and we look forward to the days and weeks ahead.”

At the same time, first lady Laura Bush will take Obama’s wife, Michelle, on a tour of the executive mansion.

Podesta said cooperation with Bush administration officials has been “excellent” since Tuesday’s election.

Source: CNN

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