Voters Face Controversial Moral Issues on State Ballots This Election

November 4, 2008

early-voters-LA.jpgOn Nov. 4, voters will have to bring their religious and ethical
convictions to the polls as they grapple with a number moral issues on
state ballots.

Americans will consider 153 proposals on ballots in 36 states, but
moral issues – ranging from same-sex marriage to assisted suicide – are
among the hot-button issues facing voters.

Marriage definition

California will vote on Proposition 8, which would amend the
state Constitution to define marriage as a union between one man and
one woman. The measure would effectively ban gay marriage and reverse
the state Supreme Court decision that overturned a 2000 state law
prohibiting same-sex marriage.

Arkansas will vote on Proposition 102, which would amend the
state Constitution to define marriage as a union between one man and
one woman.

Florida will vote on Amendment 2, which would amend the state
Constitution to define marriage as a union between one man and one
woman. The measure needs 60 percent voter approval to pass.

About two dozen states have already approved a constitutional amendment on the definition of marriage.


Arkansas will vote on Act 4, which would prohibit unmarried
couples from adopting or being foster parents. This measure would apply
to cohabiting couples and those seeking adoption. Since gay marriage is
not legal in the state, the measure would ban gay couples from

Personhood Amendment

Colorado will vote on the Amendment 48, known as the “Personhood
amendment,” which would amend the state Constitution to define the
terms “person” or “persons” to include any human being from the moment
of fertilization. Both sides of the amendment say it could lay the
groundwork for a state ban on abortion.


California will vote on Proposition 4, which would require
parental notification for abortions involving minors. The amendment
would change the state’s constitution to prohibit abortions for those
under 18 until 48 hours after the doctor notifies an adult family

South Dakota will vote on Amendment 11, which would ban all
abortions except in pregnancies involving rape, incest, or to save the
life of the mother.

Assisted suicide

Washington will vote on Initiative 1000, which would allow
mentally competent, terminally ill adults who are diagnosed with six
months or less to live to receive lethal prescriptions from their
doctors. Oregon is currently the only state that allows
physician-assisted suicide for the terminally ill.

Stem cells

Michigan will votes on Proposal 2, which would legalize
embryonic stem cell research in the state. It would change the state
constitution to allow people to donate “extra” embryos from fertility
treatments for scientific research.


The city of San Francisco will vote on Proposition K, which would de-criminalize prostitution.


Michigan will vote on Proposal 1, which would legalize medicinal marijuana.

Massachusetts will vote Initiative 2, which would decriminalize possession of an ounce or less of marijuana.


Arkansans will vote on Amendment 3, which would allow the state
Constitution to be changed to allow the state legislature to establish
a statewide lottery to generate funds for college scholarships. The
measure does not allow casino gambling.

Maryland will vote on Question 2, which would amend to state Constitution to legalize slot machine gambling.

Missouri will vote on Proposal A, which would remove a rule that
a gambler can lose a maximum of $500 during the first two hours at a
casino, raise casino taxes, and cap the number of casinos in the state
at those already built and in the process of being built. It would also
create a fund from gambling tax to fund primary and secondary

Source: Christian Post

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