Top Evangelical Scholar Says ‘Many Evangelicals Appalled McCain Picked Palin’

November 4, 2008

john-stackhouse.jpgI recently asked John Stackhouse, an influential scholar on faith and
politics at evangelical Regent College in Vancouver, what evangelicals
are thinking about Sarah Palin. John, an author of many books and
frequent contributor to Christianity Today, replied:

“Some evangelicals will support Sarah Palin because they are
Republican. Some will identify with her class-wise (against
“intellectuals,” “snobs,” etc.). Some will like her persona. And some
will like her because she’s prolife,” Stackhouse said.

“Some are
racists, of course, and that’ll be that. But many evangelicals will not
support Obama because he is not even moderately pro-life (versus, say,
the Clintons) and because he is, indeed, inexperienced versus Senator
McCain. Many moderate evangelicals will prefer Obama’s politics to
McCain’s. Some will be turned off by the racism at some GOP events –
and upset by Governor Palin’s refusal to denounce them. But many,
many evangelicals, I expect, are appalled (as I am) that Senator McCain
would put the United States and, indeed, the world in the perilous
position of having the inexperienced and, it appears, morally and
intellectually suspect Governor Palin one heartbeat away from the U.S.
presidency. It shows a dreadful lack of judgment–precisely what he is
supposed to offer instead of the callow Obama.
And for many, that’ll be that.”

Source: The Vancouver Sun

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