McCain, Obama Head Toward Voters’ Verdict

November 4, 2008

mccain-obama-17.jpgDemocrat Barack Obama’s bid to become the first black president faced
the final test of his remarkable two-year journey Tuesday, while Republican John McCain pressed for an Election Day upset.

The contest pitted the 47-year-old Obama, a first-term Illinois senator
who rocketed to stardom on the power of his oratory and a call for
change, against the 72-year-old McCain, a 26-year lawmaker known whose
mettle was tested during 5 1/2 years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

feeling kind of fired up. I’m feeling like I’m ready to go,” Obama told
nearly 100,000 people gathered for his final rally Monday night in

“At this defining moment in history, Virginia, you can give this country the change it needs,” Obama said to voters in a state that hasn’t voted for a Democratic presidential nominee in 44 years.

Illinois senator’s final day of campaigning was bittersweet: he was
mourning the loss of his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who helped raise
him but died of cancer Sunday night and never got to see the results of
the historic election.

McCain completed a cross-country trek through seven battleground states before arriving at home in Phoenix early Tuesday morning.

momentum, this enthusiasm convinces me we’re going to win tomorrow,”
McCain told a raucous evening rally in Henderson, Nev. It was the fifth
campaign stop in an 18-hour odyssey that took him across three time

Obama planned a quick campaign
stop in Indiana on Election Day before a massive outdoor rally in front
of the skyline in his adopted hometown of Chicago. The day’s forecast
was for an unseasonably warm 70 degrees.

McCain planned events in Colorado and New Mexico, then a party at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix.

urged his supporters against overconfidence. “Even if it rains
tomorrow, you can’t let that stop you. You’ve got to wait in line.
You’ve got to vote,” he said.

Source: AP

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