John McCain Seeking Upset on Election Day

November 4, 2008

john-mccain-8.jpgPushing back against predictions of defeat, Republican John McCain
scheduled campaign stops in two Western battlegrounds on Election Day
after a seven-state sprint that brought him home to Arizona after
midnight Tuesday.

The presidential nominee was breaking tradition, heading to a rally in
Grand Junction, Colo., and a volunteer site in New Mexico before
returning to Phoenix to watch election night returns. McCain normally
stays close to home on Election Day, often taking in a movie.

“My friends, it’s been a long, long journey,” McCain told supporters
gathered at an early morning rally Tuesday in Prescott, Arizona, where
he kicked off his Senate campaigns. It was the final stop in a sprint
across three time zones that took him to seven states Monday.

Campaign manager Rick Davis said the stops were added after polling
indicated McCain was surging in Western battlegrounds including
Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. Davis said wins in those states could
mitigate losses in Eastern swing states that had long been GOP
stalwarts, including Virginia and North Carolina.

Monday, McCain chased the sun from east to west through
battlegrounds such as Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New
Mexico and Nevada. He held his final rally after midnight in Prescott,
Ariz., where he kicked off his campaigns for Senate.

The 72-year-old Senate veteran vowed to fight for every vote even as
national and state battleground polls found Democrat Barack Obama with
a measurable headwind into Election Day.

A blizzard of late polls showed Obama leading in most competitive
states, leaving McCain with only the narrowest possible path to victory
Tuesday night.

Source: Washington Post

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