CNN Politics Reports: Soggy Ballots Challenging Scanning Machines in Virginia

November 4, 2008

So far, US Election Day 2008 has gone within its first hours. Several voting issues have arisen in New Jersey, Virginia, and North Carolina. Two incidents in Virginia have already been reported. 

One was in Fairfax and the other was in Richmond. Now, Chesapeake can be added as one of the locations in Virginia. So far, the voters in Chesapeake are going through the same ordeal as those in Raleigh, North Carolina. 
In NC, it was reported that ballots got soggy due to the rainy weather. Because of that, the soggy balances would not read out on the machines. 
In Chesapeake, the weather is also wet. As a result, the voters and poll workers are faced with the problems of soggy ballots. According to Ryan Enright, spokesman of the Virginia State Board of Elections, the rain is causing problems. 
Voters in Chesapeake, hang in there! 
Unfortunately for officials, it will require more time to process the ballots. So far, the voters of Chesapeake, Virginia are in the same boat as the voters of Raleigh, North Carolina. 
Today, Mother Nature looks to be a contributing factor to voting issues.
Source: Digital Journal

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