Rev. Timothy Wright Speaks Again

November 3, 2008

timothy-wright-jr-first-appearance.JPGSunday, October 12th, Rev. Timothy Wright made his greatest public
appearance since a tragic July 4th car accident that claimed the life
of his grandson and wife, and left his body broken and paralyzed from
the chest down. 

At the Circle of Sisters Expo sponsored by WLIB, his
hometown New York radio station, Rev. Wright expressed his gratitude
and gave his testimony to 3,000 people packed into the concert hall of
the Javits Convention Center. As the crowd hushed to listen
attentively, he spoke slower than classic Timothy Wright, but it was
clear and powerful, ending with his declaration, “The next time you see
me, I’m gonna be walking. God bless you.”

timothy-wright-jr-first-appearance-1.JPG The once silent crowd erupted in praise and applause as they wiped
tears and snapped pictures. After addressing his New York family, Rev.
Wright joined WLIB Program Director, Midday Personality, Denise Hill,
at a live broadcast for his first radio interview since the accident.

DH: You have always been an inspiration to
us through your music and you said God recently gave you a new song.
And so, even in whatever state the enemy thinks he may have you in,
God’s giving you new songs that will not only bless and bring you
through but continue to bless others. Tell us about this newest song
God gave you.

TW: Well, I was in the hospital and I was
kind of feeling sorry for myself, but then the Spirit spoke to me and
said, “I’m still here…for a reason.” So, after all is said an done,
after all the troubles and trial, after all the tears, I’m still here
for a reason.

DH: I think the latter of that is the
part a lot of people leave out. “I’m still here” and they kind of get
stuck there. But its for a reason. So you can’t just sit on the
testimony that I made it through. You have to get through and go

TW: Absolutely.

DH: …and now be productive in the earth.
Other than music and the songs God’s giving you, what do you see God
doing through you in the future?

Source: GospelCity.com

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